Payments / Winter on Ice / Konrad & Yolande

We believe the new accounting system is providing better up to date information on your accounts. We urge you to please change your References when making payments to your NAME & SURNAME for easy and correct allocations to your accounts, the Sage One online system does not recognize the old Account numbers used in Pastel

All information regarding the event can be found by following our EVENTS PAGE on our website. All skaters are reminder to enter online and send their music to in MP3 format as soon as possible.

Although all efforts are made to make skating affordable to all our skaters, unforeseen circumstances lead to changes to be made to the monthly billing.
Due to these circumstances, the GNFSA needs to re-evaluate the monthly ice fees payable by skaters as a matter of urgency. Workable solutions are being discussed between the committee and coaches and will be communicated as soon as possible when agreed to.

4. NEW COACHES: Konrad & Yolande Gering
The GNFSA is very pleased to announce that after more than 9 years with Disney on Ice, Konrad & Yolande will be joining the GNFSA’s coaching team from next month.
They are planning to coach at the Grove Ice rink and Forest Hill. They both have experience in coaching and competing, achieving level 6 and 7 skills and Konrad his senior Protea colours. They have extensive show experience with Holiday on Ice and Disney on Ice, including principle performing and choreography. They are also qualified to level one first aid.

New GNFSA Committee

Subsequent to our AGM held Sunday 31 May 2017, please welcome your new committee for the next skating season.  We look forward to serving our members to the best of our abiities.

Christo Viljoen  Chairperson & Treasurer
Lorette Venter  Deputy Chair
Anne Thill  Provincial Secretary
Bridget Learmont  Secretary: Tests & Competition
Helen Halbe  Secretary: Membership
Billy Chamberlain  Rules & Regulations
Christel Viljoen  Athlete Representative
Susan Marais  Coach Representative
Elmarie Viljoen  Marketing & Sponsorships
Stef Windell  IT, Printing & Branding
Janet Sailer  Strategic planning

Contact details of the committee members will be updated shortly on our website.

Special thanks to Janet Sailer for the years served and many hours sacrificed as Deputy and Chairperson

GNFSA Committee

New Accounting System

Invoices & Statements:
The financial year end has been completed and we are proud to announce that we have listened to your pleas for more regular statements.

The GNFSA has migrated to an online bookkeeping system (SAGE ONE) that allows every member to check their own account 24 hours per day! You will shortly receive your April ice fee account inclusive of your annual affiliation fee together with a link to your account. Account history is available from 1 April 2017.

It is thus possible for us to send statements promptly by the 26th of each month.

Please note that INVOICES are generated for every transaction and can be sent any day of the month. The STATEMENT on the 26th of every month will be a synopsis of all the invoices and payments received during the previous month.

As this is a new system there is bound to be some glitches, feel free to contact should you have any queries.

Kind regards
Treasurer: GNFSA

KZN IP Wrap-up

GNFSAatKZN IP2017 KZNIP2017 lineup

We thank the KZN committee and all the officials for their often thankless hard work for hosting a memorable competition. We look forward to returning soon for the National Championships! Thanks to all our skaters for the fighting spirit shown. You never gave up and you were always friendly. You competed hard, yet fairly: True sportsmanship! The results show personal best performances for all skaters, truly a wonderful achievement! More gratitude towards Elmarie Viljoen for being a great Team Leader as well as all the parents and skaters who came to always support their fellow team members! A special word of thanks to our coaches Veronique, Taryn, Lejeanne and Susan for nurturing our skating talent and for working so well together to form a formidable coaching team! This will be remembered as one of the best team efforts for many years to come. To our skating friends from all over the country: We appreciate your smiles, kind words, friendship and support. We always look forward to seeing you again! The GNFSA invites and challenges all our other skaters to join us soon for the next competition. Train hard and be part of the best team!

GNFSA Committee