Gauteng North Figure Skating Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers here to burning questions about skating at the GNFSA:

  1. FEES: Answers to your questions regarding fees charged as well as how to and why…
  2. DRESS CODE: What to wear and when?
  3. LTPD – Long Term Athlete Development: The road to success!


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The following documents can be downloaded to get an understanding of the process to develop our skaters over the long term.  The GNFSA aims to produce better athletes as well as better people over the long term.

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LTPD introduction
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LTPD – Stage 1-2 : Learn to Skate
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LTPD – Stage 3-4: Learn to train
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LTPD – Stage 5: Learn to compete
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LTPD – Stage 6 – Train to compete
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LTPD Stage 7: Train to win
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LTPD – Stage 8: Active for life