New GNFSA Committee

Subsequent to our AGM held Sunday 31 May 2017, please welcome your new committee for the next skating season.  We look forward to serving our members to the best of our abiities.

Christo Viljoen  Chairperson & Treasurer
Lorette Venter  Deputy Chair
Anne Thill  Provincial Secretary
Bridget Learmont  Secretary: Tests & Competition
Helen Halbe  Secretary: Membership
Billy Chamberlain  Rules & Regulations
Christel Viljoen  Athlete Representative
Susan Marais  Coach Representative
Elmarie Viljoen  Marketing & Sponsorships
Stef Windell  IT, Printing & Branding
Janet Sailer  Strategic planning

Contact details of the committee members will be updated shortly on our website.

Special thanks to Janet Sailer for the years served and many hours sacrificed as Deputy and Chairperson

GNFSA Committee