GNFSA Provincials: Entry Deadline 18 March!

With the KZN IP a thing of the past, we invite all GNFSA skaters to enter the 2017 GNFSA Provincial Championships to be held on the 1st – 2nd of April!
Follow the link and enter online at, to the GNFSA Provincial competition website where all relevant information will be regularly updated.
All SPECTATORS can also go via the events page to buy online entrance tickets @ LESS 50% (R 50 vs R 100 at the door) by following the Entrance Ticket Page on the competition website.

The direct link to buy entrance tickets is:

We look forward to your participation! Tell your friends!!

KZN IP Wrap-up

GNFSAatKZN IP2017 KZNIP2017 lineup

We thank the KZN committee and all the officials for their often thankless hard work for hosting a memorable competition. We look forward to returning soon for the National Championships! Thanks to all our skaters for the fighting spirit shown. You never gave up and you were always friendly. You competed hard, yet fairly: True sportsmanship! The results show personal best performances for all skaters, truly a wonderful achievement! More gratitude towards Elmarie Viljoen for being a great Team Leader as well as all the parents and skaters who came to always support their fellow team members! A special word of thanks to our coaches Veronique, Taryn, Lejeanne and Susan for nurturing our skating talent and for working so well together to form a formidable coaching team! This will be remembered as one of the best team efforts for many years to come. To our skating friends from all over the country: We appreciate your smiles, kind words, friendship and support. We always look forward to seeing you again! The GNFSA invites and challenges all our other skaters to join us soon for the next competition. Train hard and be part of the best team!

GNFSA Committee


Official Documents for KZN Interprovincials

Dear Provincial Team,
Everyone looked strong this morning! Keep up the good work!

Please note the official documents for the KZN IP for this weekend are here

KZN Competition Times March 2017
KZN IP Official Practice 3 March 2017
National Section Starting Order KZN 2017 IP
Non National Section Starting Order KZN 2017

Alternatively, follow the EVENTS page to the KZN Inter Provincial link.
The Non National & National sections can be downloaded from the Order of Skating page.

Annual registration open

All members have received an annual registration reminder via email.  Please update your details for the coming year.  Please note that you can’t register 2 persons with the same email address, kindly use alternate email addresses to register.  Registration fees will be charged with the next invoicing run.