Inter-club Winter Training Camp – Grove

1,2 and 4,5 July 2019
Each day will consist of:
– 2 hours on ice structured lessons
– 45 minutes off-ice exercise
– Training times Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Friday from 05:00
– 08:00am

Skaters from beginner up to and including level 1 are invited to attend.
– 4 on ice skill groups focusing on level specific exercises
– Skating skills, jumps, spins and artistic will be covered
– Special group show number for Winter on ice
– Sport specific off ice conditioning
Cost for all 4 days including ice time: R1200


Nationals 2019 entry deadline


Please go to the GN Figureskating Events page or directly to the Nationals 2019 homepage to enter the 2019 Nationals timeously.

  1. All GNFSA TEAM MEMBER (SKATERS, PARENTS, OFFICIALS, COACHES, TEAM LEADERS, etc) to enter online as for us to have a central database of the team going to Cape Town BY THE 3rd of March at 13h00.
  2. All COACHES to enter the PPC FORM ONLINE by the 3rd at 13h00.
  3. The GNFSA will generate pre populated entry forms which will be sent on the 3rd to each skater (the email supplied on the online entry) to be signed by themselves, their coaches and parents/guardians (if applicable).
  4. The GNFSA will generate PPC forms which will be sent to the coaches on the 3rd (email on the PPC entry) to be confirmed by the coach by the 5th of March.
  5. Signed entry forms has to be returned by the 5th of March via email to the GNFSA chairperson
  6. All skaters entered by the 3rd will be invoiced the R 1000 entry fee on their GNFSA account to be paid by month end.
  7. The GNFSA will pay over a bulk fee and send the applications forms as well as PPC forms  received as a provincial entry to the Nationals LOC on the 6thof March to be duly entered.

Details of the Nationals Training to follow soon.

Gauteng Interprovincial 2019

UPDATE: Youtube Livestream Link Added

The South African Figure Skating Association’s
Gauteng Inter-provincials takes place at Grove Mall this weekend and Monday.

The Gauteng North Figure Skating Association’s organising committee extends a warm welcome to all SAFSA and provincial officials, skaters and their supporters.

The link to the competition pages


Sunday 17th  Youtube Livestream 17h15:

Monday 18th  Youtube Livestream 05:30:
(new link after stream crashed)

Program & Times

The GROVE MALL ice Rink:
Sunday, 17 February, 17h15 – 23h00
Monday, 18 February, 05h30 – 17h00

The links to see the updated Schedule:


R 65* online for adults (13 years & older). SAVE 50% on normal fee!
R 130 at the door for adults (13 years and older)
Children younger than 13 years enter for FREE
* Please note that an additional R 5 fee is payable to the online service provider.



The GIP 2019 results


quicket link

Beat the queues!! By buying tickets online you guarantee entrance as a spectator and you SAVE 50%!!!

Either print your tickets or present them on your mobile device for scanning at the door.




Ice Spectacular & Christmas on Ice – photography contact sheets

thumbnail of 2018-12-07_Ice Spectacular contact sheet
Sunday 2 Dec 2018 – 1st show
Ice Spectacular Show Photography – Contact Sheets


thumbnail of 2018-12-03_Christmas_on_Ice_100

Monday 3 Dec 2018
Christmas on Ice Photography – Contact Sheets


The pdfs contain contact sheets of the photography at the abovementioned events.
To order photograph sets of a skater or scene, please contact Stef.
Photos will be emailed as full-quality jpegs. Payment details supplied by email.

When ordering please supply:

Event – your name – your email – your cell number – skater’s name – photo numbers required





Provincials 2018/9 Feedback and Results



Link to the GNFSA Provincials 2018/9 Results


Junior Ladies: Tusani Nhleko, Christel Viljoen & Donatella Glatter

  I am a proud Chairman of a Province with so many special people and especially amazing children. Thanks everyone for the hard work and effort that made this competition a success. I was further very much impressed with the maturity shown by the way our youngest skaters handled a very unfortunate situation which was a true test of their characters which they handled like true champions. We are truly blessed. With that attitude I can see a great future for them! Enjoy the journey! – Christo Viljoen – Chairman GNFSA


Kyle and Tammy-Lee were the front runners with this one. Thank you to them for all their hard work.
Thank you to all the parents who helped to make this competition a great success.
Thank you to the judges who gave their time and expertise.
Thank you to the coaches for all their hars work and patience with our kids.
Thank you to every skater – without you there wouldn’t have been a competition. You all skated beautifully. ⛸🌷⛸🌷❤  –  Elmarie Viljoen – Committee Member


Thanks to Christo and Elmarie for allowing us to learn and grow in this opportunity. Certainly a whole new element of management and planning, but worth every minute to see each skater be able to perform and give their very best. After all, that is why we are all here…

All in honour of this challenging, beautiful sport our children love.

It would not be possible without the Moms and Dads that were willing sacrifice their time and efforts to assist and make for a successful championship.

The coaches who give so much of themselves to mentor and nourish these young athletes. Their belief certainly is what helps the skaters push for greater horizons and continue to persevere despite the difficulties.

The judges, officials and everyone on the panel that welcomed us so warmly despite our ignorance.

There may have been hiccups but smoothe waters never made for skilled sailors.

We are grateful, humbled and have huge respect for all those that have kept GNFSA running up until now.

A phenomenal coach once told me: “It’s all part of the journey”

And that it certainly is. ❤  –  Tammy Lee and Kyle Rosseau – Committee Members and organisers of the Nov 2018/9 GNFSA Provincials









Chicks – Boys: 10 and older
1  Joubert Poulson

CHICKS – Girls: 10 and older
1  Bianca Koorts
2  Chloe Waterston
3  Mignon Du Toit

Bronze Hawkes Club Girls
1   Elisa Frota
2  Nadia Terblanche

Pre-Novice Girls Free
1  Amelie Thill
2  Mathilda du Plessos
3  Aneska Kruger

Junior Ladies
1  Christel Viljoen
2  Tusani Nhleko
3  Donatella Glatter