Nationals 2019 entry deadline


Please go to the GN Figureskating Events page or directly to the Nationals 2019 homepage to enter the 2019 Nationals timeously.

  1. All GNFSA TEAM MEMBER (SKATERS, PARENTS, OFFICIALS, COACHES, TEAM LEADERS, etc) to enter online as for us to have a central database of the team going to Cape Town BY THE 3rd of March at 13h00.
  2. All COACHES to enter the PPC FORM ONLINE by the 3rd at 13h00.
  3. The GNFSA will generate pre populated entry forms which will be sent on the 3rd to each skater (the email supplied on the online entry) to be signed by themselves, their coaches and parents/guardians (if applicable).
  4. The GNFSA will generate PPC forms which will be sent to the coaches on the 3rd (email on the PPC entry) to be confirmed by the coach by the 5th of March.
  5. Signed entry forms has to be returned by the 5th of March via email to the GNFSA chairperson
  6. All skaters entered by the 3rd will be invoiced the R 1000 entry fee on their GNFSA account to be paid by month end.
  7. The GNFSA will pay over a bulk fee and send the applications forms as well as PPC forms  received as a provincial entry to the Nationals LOC on the 6thof March to be duly entered.

Details of the Nationals Training to follow soon.