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Dear prospective and current member,

Welcome to the wonderful world of figure skating.  We aim to make your growth in our graceful and athletic sport a memorable one.

To become a member you need to register online, print out the following forms below and send the completed forms Also read our NEW MEMBERSHIP PACK below for your convenience.

You need to complete the online form and choose to join a club (more information on the Club Page).  If you are uncertain where to start, please choose the Cutting Edge Club which will guide you to the correct procedure and introduce you to the other clubs so that you can make the corect decision.

NOTE: Changing clubs is easy and entails you giving notice to the club in question and then to also make an online change of your membership as well.

Annual Member registration takes place in February every year and  all persons wishing to renew their annual membership to the GNFSA and receive news and information regarding figure skating in Tshwane are requested to update their subscription on the link below before the 30th of March.


The following membership types must be chosen on the online registration form:

  1. SOCIAL membership: These members (including volunteers) DO NOT pay an annual fee and does not have any voting rights.  This category is reserved for spectators and other interested persons wishing to receive news and information relating to figure skating in Tshwane, as well as updates on events held by the GNFSA on a regular basis.
  2. SKATING members (New and Existing):  Skating members are members of CLUBS sharing the ice and should update their details with changes relating to their CLUB affiliation.  Details of the various clubs affiliated to the GNFSA is on our website.  Skating members older than 18 years are eligible to vote at meetings.
    1. Figure skaters from other clubs/provinces (skating at the Grove or Forest Hill) DO NOT pay an annual fee to the GNFSA, but are requested to update their details and CLUB MEMBERSHIP to ICE ONLY to also recieve updated news on ice conditions and changes to training times.
  3. VOTING members (parents and committee members) wishing to be active in the management of the GNFSA, an organisation managed by volunteers for the benefit of figure skating and figure katers.

NOTE: If you wish to stop skating but still wishes to receive updates and information on figure skating & upcoming event, you can just change your MEMBERSHIP TYPE to SPECTATOR, you will no longer receive any invoices yet be informed about all the events at the GNFSA.

You may choose to unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email to be taken of our mailing list, then running the risk of never to be invited to any show held in Tshwane?!  Please update your subscription settings and expressly let us know you want to receive emails from us.  Everyone on the list by the 15th of April will be deemed to wish to remain on our GNFSA list and will be invoiced accordingly.


All members (except Social members) will be invoiced for Annual membership fees and skating members will also receive monthly ice fee invoices, payable to the GNFSA. The amounts payable can be found on the FEES PAGE

The respective affiliated clubs have their own fees and is payable directly to them.


Please complete, sign and send

Kindly complete the Indemnity Form and Code of Conduct Form and return these together with a copy of your ID document / Passport to the new member secretary. The GNFSA needs these to enter you into competitions and tests.

Indemnity Form

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Code of Conduct Form

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Kindly read the GNFSA MEMBERSHIP PACK as a brief introduction to the wonderful world of figure skating in order to assist you in realising your skating dreams.

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Yours in skating

The GNFSA Committee